About us

Ogowin Tours has been serving as a dynamic tour operating company in the Sri Lankan tourism industry for over five years. Through these years of experience, we have been able to emerge our services into different markets, nationalities and hundreds of vivid travelers. Ogowin Tours basically provide transportation (cars, vans, and buses), hotel bookings, excursions booking and other travel necessities.

Through skill and experience we have gained the knowledge to identify the unique customer interests; to which we serve. Sri Lanka’s multi cultural background and its natural physique that engulfs the land help to design and monitor a variety of tour packages initiating the iconic attractions and beauty within the bounds of the island country.

Giving priority to the customer’s interests we have specially designed; beach tours for relaxing and tanning holiday lovers, cultural tours embedded with the local touch for more exposure in Lankan holidays, honeymoon tours for lovers of tropical romance, wildlife and adventure tours for the nature lovers, and Ramayana tours for cultural romance dating back to the Rama Seeta love story.

We provide a safe and sound holiday in Lanka being flexible to your choice, well planned tour destinations and a 24/7 help desk.